Sarah + Alex: Engagement session

Trying to sneak in one last fall session before the snow came meant we had to soldier through very rainy weather. But Sarah’s smile is bright enough to light up the whole session and who needs to be warm and dry when you are in love! (Not even sorry for that last line.) Congratulations to this beautiful couple who will be saying their vows next year. Can’t wait to see you both say “I do!”



Cake Smash Session: Iona

Cake smash session, do you love them or hate em? Some people think they are a wonderful and festive way to celebrate your babies 1st birthday…some people think they are a waste of perfectly good cake! I my self love smash sessions! I think there are very few times we let our kids be 100% messy and free, few times that we as parents get to stop worrying about the sugar content of food and few times that we get to actually step back and watch our children revel in the inhibition of childhood. As a photographer it can be difficult to always hold a little ones attention but give them some cake and balloons and you can photograph them for hours! For these reasons I absolutely love cake smash sessions and creating a special one for my own little girl, made this mom-tographers heart sing!

Regardless of how you feel about 1st birthday smashes, you have to admit this girl in stinking cute! Her giant blue eyes only get bigger when you put pink frosting in front of them. I made the cake my self with my signature icing design and layered it with chocolate pearls. The tutu was created using the easy no sew method (thank you pinterest!)  So the whole thing including balloons and gold sparkly party hat only cost me about $30. Wooo! To end the session and bring some calm back in my studio we cleaned her up in a floral milk bath, that smelled aaaamazing and made her baby skin even softer. I used the silk flowers from her newborn session to create a little flower crown and make this 1 year milestone even more personalized.

Has this little one changed you mind about cake-smash sessions? Let me know what you think.

Cake smashcake smashCake smashCake smashCake smashMilk BathMilk bath phot


Sarah’s 30th birthday “Smash!”

This November Miss Sarah turns 3.0. I firmly believe that this milestone birthday should be celebrated by all women… and this lady has so much to celebrate! Sarah you are beautiful and kind and accomplished and manage to look classy even with cake all over your face.

I would love to say that the idea of an “adult cake-smash” was all mine but truthfully this genius concept has been done before…still I had a blast concocting a way to put my own stylized spin on it. (Don’t know what a cake smash is? Click here for an example of a past session I have done.) One way Sarah and I agreed her birthday session would be different is that even though it’s based on an idea for kids it should still have an element of style and maturity. After all she is 30. I hope you will agree that the end result is light hearted, joyous and FUN. Just as birthdays should be.

Sarah I hope you will be popping bubbly and throwing confetti for many years to come. Here’s to you!

Adult cake-smash photoAdult cake smashAdult cake smashAdult cake smashAdult cake smash30-78
Adult cake smashAdult cake smash30th birthday photo shoot30th birthday photo shoot30th birthday photo shoot