Kaitlin and Levi: Engagement Session

I love creating stylized engagement sessions for my couples! As a self diagnosed prop junkie this allows me the fun challenge of being extra creative when envisioning sets and creating storytelling images for my clients. This combined with my love of all things retro and vintage makes the idea of a 1950’s themed engagement session…kind of the most exciting thing ever! I have to give it up to Kaitlin though this one was all her. Her expertly co-ordinated retro wardrobe and authentic vintage finds made my job extremely easy. Plus these two are absolutely adorable!

Special thanks to Rockin’ Robyn’s Diner right here in Edmonton Alberta for allowing us to come in during closed business hours to shoot this fabulous 50’s engagement session! Shout out to Jenna from Dandy Salon for the very rockabilly-esque hair styling that helped perfect Kaitlin’s look And of course a big thank you to Kaitlin and Levi for allowing me to be their photographer. As always I am honoured to share in this special time.



Kathleen & Trevor: engagement session

One of the things I love about going back to Kamloops B.C is the opportunity to connect with my home town clients and photograph them in the beautiful desert landscape! Kathleen is so sweet and easy to photograph (how can you not love a girl who wants to wear gold sequinned stilettos in the country) and Trevor is so obviously head over sequinned heals in love with his fiance it was hard to get him away from her! Lucky he was there to help her over cactus and make fun of me for my fear of snakes.

Congratulations to Kathleen and Trevor on your engagement we all eagerly await your Sacred Heart wedding in 2015! It was such a pleasure photographing your engagement session.


Hello Micah

This gorgeous little boy is one of the oldest newborns I have ever photographed. This meant that we got tons of opportunities to photograph him awake and alert. I love how he would just stare calmly at his mom and dad, and you can tell from the images how safe and loved he felt with them looking right back. I also had the privilege of using his exquisite nursery as a backdrop, Mom’s Wedding gown and Micah’s furry brothers and sister as unique props, which hopefully will help to make these images extra special for Mom and Dad!

Congratulations to the DeLeon, I would spend an afternoon with you guys any day.


Introducing ‘Frankie’

As much as I enjoy the controlled atmosphere of my studio, I also love the opportunities I have had these past few weeks to photograph babies at home with their families! It gives me a unique look at those precious first few weeks with baby and even allows me to get the fur family members in a few shots! I loved seeing Franklyn’s super hero nursery and stealing a few snuggles for my self while I was there.

Congratulations Casement family on your beautiful baby girl!