Introducing ‘Frankie’

As much as I enjoy the controlled atmosphere of my studio, I also love the opportunities I have had these past few weeks to photograph babies at home with their families! It gives me a unique look at those precious first few weeks with baby and even allows me to get the fur family members in a few shots! I loved seeing Franklyn’s super hero nursery and stealing a few snuggles for my self while I was there.

Congratulations Casement family on your beautiful baby girl!


Lifestyle session: Little Miss A

This beautiful family just welcomed home a new sweet baby girl! Her Big brother was so excited to help me take pictures of them, he kept asking for more photos with the baby and was eager to see the results on the back of my camera…maybe mom and dad have a little photographer in the family;) I loved every minute with this family, and as always it is a treat to be allowed into a families home and life for an afternoon.


Mothers Day is on it’s way! Celebrate with mommy and me photo shoot.

Mom’s are pretty awesome!

Mother’s Day is May 11th, so in celebrations of this I am offering mini sessions from now until Mother’s Day.

As a mom myself, I know how rarely we get in front of the camera and how special those images are I have with my son. So these sessions are open to all Mothers and their families and kids of all ages. #ExistInPhotosForYourKids



Mommy And Me Newborn Session

When it comes to our kid’s photos, us Moms typically prefer to be behind the camera…or at least standing beside the person taking the photos. This is especially true for mom’s who have recently given birth and are feeling less than confidant in there post baby body. But is there anything more beautiful than an images of a glowing momma holding her newborn? That is why I am so excited to show you some images from a recent studio session where we focused on getting some incredible shots of mom and baby together. Special thanks to this Momma for getting in front of the camera and allowing me to share these images of her and her gorgeous month old newborn


I believe it is so important that your kids have pictures of you together I will be kicking off April with a Mothers day special! From April 1st until Mothers Day  I am offering “Mommy and Me” mini sessions. The sessions will be 200.00, include full print release and are open to Mom’s and their kids of all ages!