Edmonton Newborn Photography: Twins

How excited was I to be visited by this set of brothers. This is my 1st time photographing twins and I am so in love.

I was worried that through out the session and after in post processing I would confuse the babies but not only are they different in appearance but in so many other ways…Jaxon still has that pink baby skin and was full of energy and would only sleep when laying next to his brother. Though he is the smaller of the two you can tell he is very protective of his brother. Hayden was a bit sleepier but full of expression. If I moved him to much he would give me concerned expressions and when in the perfect spot would give me little grins that melted my heart. Thank you again to the Avery family for coming in and sharing this time with me.


Edmonton Maternity Photographer. Maternity Sneak Peek

Because I am so so excited about these images I had to put a few up on the blog for you all. Stephanie is pregnant with baby number 2…and like most moms has expressed how much more confidant and beautiful she feel this time around. We are celebrating this with some simple and gorgeous maternity portraits. Here a just a few of my favourites and the rest will be posted soon;)


New Year, New studio and a Giveaway!

As you may know my family and I have recently relocated to Edmonton. Although it’s kind of scary to restart my business I have really been enjoying getting to know Edmonton! So now that I am all settled in I am offering a promotion to kick off the new year in my new studio as well as giving away a free session via a face book contest. Hopefully this means I will get to meet lots of Edmonton families in 2014.

To help me with this is one of my new favourite bloggers “Frugal Momma.” She specializes in saving Edmonton families $$$, so this promotion is right up here alley. She will also be the one selecting a winner for or face book contest. Head over to her page to view the contest and enter it simply by sharing this promotion with your friends.



Happy Birthday Mr. M!

This little guy’s Momma got a hold of me last minuet in desperate need of a photo shoot to celebrate his 1st birthday! I think the 1st birthday is such an important milestone, and its amazing to compare your newborn photo shoot to the 1st year photo’s to see how much they have changed! So we ran out to a park in Calgary right before I moved and it only took us an hour to get a thousand expressions from mr. personality! Thank you to this momma for letting me spend an hour with this gorgeous little boy.


A gift to my son

As  a photographer there is one little family that my camera often neglects…my own! Sure I have lots of pictures of my son, he is my go to model for new props and sets. But it’s hard to find time for my own family. But be honest its just an excuse to not get in front of the camera my self. I’m going to put it out there, the reason I don’t have a lot of photographs of me and my family is the same reasons all you of ladies tell me you know don’t want to be in the photo’s with your kids…I am terrified of being photographed. You all tell me “I need to lose that last 10lbs.”  “I have nothing to wear,”  “I don’t have the time,” Boy I hear ya! But I think about how few photographs I have of my mother and the fact that I have almost no family pictures with both my parents and it makes me sad. And then I think what if something happened to me and my son had no photos to remember his momma, he wouldn’t care that I was fat or my hair was a mess he would just want remember me as I was… I don’t know about you but thats more scary than getting in front of the camera. So even if we never look at these photo’s again they will be my gift to my son, so that he can look back and remember us as we where at this time and the love we all obviously share.

So even if you don’t hire a photographer, please exist in photographs for your children! Ask a friend, switch off with your partner like my husband and I did here, or go find a photographer who will make you look fabulous but don’t let another year go by with out having a few special images to document this stage in your families life. And just to prove I’m practising what I preach here   is our session.