Playing In The Rain

We only had one day to do our family session, so of course thats the day the sky decided to pour! And you thought Calgary was all out of rain. Right before our session it looked like the storm clouds had blown away and I was excited to get some great clouds in the back of our family portraits, but when we got on location it started to come down pretty hard. The girls were already dressed in their matching navy dresses and mom had already done a lot of bribing… they were disappointed. So what’s a discerning photographer to do?? Wipe those rain drops off your lens and quickly snap a few in the parking lot, thats what!

Turns out 2 year old girls are much more likely to allow you to take their picture when you tell them to go ahead and jump in the puddle. And t just so happens that when you give mom and dad a moment to them selves to sit under an umbrella in the rain, how absolutely magical and romantic that parking lots becomes. These images are not perfect, if you look closely you can actually see the thousands of train drops streaking across their faces and the fog blocking out what would have been my beautiful back lighting sun…but like I said there is something a little bit magical about these images and I hope this family loves them as much as I do.


Welcome Baby B.

Little Baby B gave me as much time with her awake as she did sleeping, and when I say awake I mean awake! Have you ever seen a 5 day old so engaging? Also it have me lots of time to chat with dad about our B.C interior roots while this little one had milk breaks. Thank you so much to this family for letting me crank the heat and get to know you!


Sweet anticipation (maternity)

For this family of 3 (soon to be 4) we stayed at home and posed them in the window light then headed off to the beach to catch some gorgeous evening light. I love giant windows for soft glowing maternity portraits, so don’t leave out your living room as a possible location for your maternity or family session.

Here a just of few of my favourites from this session!