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Re-defining Boudoir Photography: Alix

As I have been developing this project I have found it has started a bit of a journey for me as well. I keep talking about body love but some days I really don’t feel any for my self (don’t we all!) But as this beautiful woman stepped into my studio and shared me some of the fiercest confidence I have seen yet, it made me think where is all my confidence? Alix is smart, accomplished, an insanely sexy burlesque dancer and she is not afraid to own it…and that was so inspiring! For days after this shoot I found myself thinking about all she said and you know what? It rubbed off on me. I found my self loving my flaws not trying to love in spite of my flaws. Thank you Alix for your empowering words you are sharing with us, and for reminding me what a confident woman looks like so I can continue to bring it out in my clients!


What is boudoir photography to you?

Boudoir photography doesn’t have to fit any specific mold. It’s the chance to be your own brand of sexy. For me, that meant getting photos of myself that exuded the confidence and body positivity that I feel are core to my identity. Really, it’s all about feeling sexy, and whatever that means to each individual person.

When do you feel most sexy?

For me, feeling sexy is more a state of mind that a particular outfit. While I love to get dolled up, and I love lacy lingerie, being naked with a positive attitude is when I feel best. There is something about being naked that just makes me feel great. I suppose it’s not for everyone, but if I could just always be naked, that would be the dream! I also love to dance and perform burlesque, so I feel really sexy when I’m shaking my thing in nothing but pasties and panties.

Why did you want to be photographed?

I wanted to be photographed because I love myself and my body, and wanted to celebrate that. I think that sometimes women whose bodies may be outside the narrow view of traditional beauty feel like they don’t have the right to feel sexy, and I want to help change that attitude. Sometimes it’s hard to love every part of yourself, every single day, but these photos are a visible reminder that I am sexy, smart, confident, and worthy.  I also wanted to challenge the idea that loving your body, and not being embarrassed about showing it to the world, somehow makes me less serious or focused. The fact that I don’t care if other people see me naked shouldn’t take away from what I have achieved academically, professionally, or personally.

What makes you unique?

I think what makes me unique is my strong sense of self, and my lack of inhibition around sharing my opinions. A lot of women my age struggle to please everyone, and sometimes lose their sense of self along the way. My identity as a woman, a friend, and a feminist, are all pretty obvious to everyone I meet. I also like to think I have a knack for lifting up and empowering others. Nothing gives me more joy than to see other people feeling good and confident with themselves and their bodies, and I hope that the ease with which I love and display my body, lumps and all, might help others to do the same.

 How would you describe your style?My style is pretty versatile. I love getting dressed up and trying out new styles, but I am also a fan of being comfortable, and sometimes that means leggings and a t shirt. I am especially a fan of classic 50s and early 60s style: high waisted skirts, dresses that give you a nice hourglass shape, red lips, big hair. Normally, I just wear whatever fits my mood of the day, and try not to worry too much about what other people will think of it.


Sarah (Re-defining Boudoir)

Meet Sarah, she is an amazing wife and mother to two beautiful lovely girls. Both girls are under the age of 3 but already poses so much grace, beauty and kindness. After spending a short time with their momma any one can see where they get it from. Sarah you are such a genuinely beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for allowing me to share your portraits and taking the time to help me spread word about the Re-defining Boudoir campaign!

Want to join in our body loving crusade? Contact me to find out how you can have your own re-defined boudoir session. Or pick up your own camera and use #redefineboudoir on social media to show us what your version of sexy is…all shapes sizes and ages are welcome!

Q.  What is Boudoir Photography to you?

A. To me, boudoir has always had a connotation of being kind of ‘racy’. I always pictured women with amazing body confidence in small amounts of clothing or beautiful lingerie, but that was just never something that I felt comfortable with for myself.  There was also always the perception that these photos needed to be for someone else, I never really felt confident in giving photos like that to my husband. Brittany challenged all of this for me, and re-defined boudoir as photos that quite simply, make you feel beautiful for you, she showed me that everyone deserves to have at least one great photograph that makes them feel simply amazing.

 Q.  When do you feel most sexy?

A. I have a really hard time answering this question! I think I probably feel my sexiest when I get dressed up for a special event to go to with my husband.  With two little girls at home, I often live in yoga pants so I like when I get to feel like a grown up and put on my LBD and do my hair.

 Q.  Why do you want to be photographed?

A. After having two babies in under two years, I felt like my body was no longer my own. Since my baby, Sadie, was born I have embarked a new journey to focus on my health and fitness.  I finally feel happy in my skin again, even more so than at times before I had kids.  I remember after having my older daughter thinking that I would never be able to do many things again, like go hiking as a family or fit into a single digit dress size. I was so out of shape that even walking the dog at times made me feel winded.  Now, my body finally functions the way that it should, and I am so excited to go hiking with my family this summer, and run my first 5k.  I wanted photos to reflect the happiness I feel with my progress so far, and to celebrate all the things my body can do.  To show that I am a mom, but I am also someone’s wife, and a woman.

 What makes you unique?

A. It’s hard for me to say what truly makes me unique; I am a mom, I am a wife, a daughter, a friend.  I try to be strong, be brave, be kind; but I think the first two words that come to mind are ‘loyal’ and ‘dedicated’. I am dedicated to my family first and foremost; I am a stay at home mom to my two little girls and together with my husband, they are my whole heart. Everything I do, I do with them in mind. I am outgoing and I like to surround myself with people, my friends and family are so very important to me.  I like to think that I am a loyal friend, I love to laugh with my friends and have a good time, but I will also always strive to be someone they can lean on in a time of need.

How would you describe your style?

A. Usually pretty laid back.  I generally live in monochromes, jeans and yoga pants.  It’s not very glamorous, but it’s certainly comfortable.


Re-defining Boudoir Campaign

2015 marked some really exciting changes and growth for my photography business and as some of you may have noticed this has kept me away from my boudoir page. But I have used the break to do a little research and identify opportunities for me to serve my clients even better.

Let me start by saying, I absolutely LOVE photographing women! Wether it is as a beautiful Bride on her wedding day, a glowing momma to be during a maternity session or just a mom who wants the opportunity to get dolled up and celebrate her self with a beautiful portrait session. I know when I photograph a woman I am going to show her something special about herself and I’m confident in saying that I will take the best portrait of her that she has ever seen. This has nothing to do with the clothes she brings in or the hair styling and make-up. Make-up is just a way to make her feel more at ease and confident so her true light shines. Confidence, grace and femininity are Sexy! And you don’t need to wear lingerie or to pose in a way that is suggestive to bring out these qualities. So why are so many women scared to be photographed!

I believe that the problem lies in that fact that most boudoir photography does not represent the average women’s ideas of what sexy is. That most of my clients think they need to take photo’s for their partner instead taking the opportunity to celebrate them selves and what makes them beautiful.

I hear comments like “I want to do a photo shoot but I still need to loose weight first” or “I could never do a boudoir shoot, I’m so uncomfortable in lingerie” and the worst is “I am just not sexy!” Have I left you all with the impression that you need to look a certain way  to deserve beautiful photos of your self? Or that being sexy means you have to dress in a way that makes you uncomfortable? I personally consider my self to be a modest person but that doesn’t mean I can’t be sexy…and it’s pretty clear I aint no size 2 but I can still rock a photo shoot. I have an idea to change all of this. I want to re-define the genre of boudoir photography. I want to change our ideas of what it means to be sexy. I hope you will all join my in the campaign to “Re-define Boudoir.”

Over the next few months I am going to feature some of the women participating in my campaign on my blog and social media. I hope they can help inspire you embrace your own version of sexy and maybe even book that photo shoot you have always wanted to do!

Use the #redefineboudoir to share  your version of sexy.

One of my favourite portraits of my self, taken by my friend in my studio. I love it because when I look at I see a woman that is strong, confident and beautiful.


Stephanie (Re-defining Boudoir)

Stephanie is helping my kickstart my “Redefine Boudoir” campaign. She is married with 2 beautiful children (1 and 3 years old,) and is currently in training for her first figure competition. It is so clear when you talk with her that she is such an intelligent and independent young woman…I couldn’t think of any one better to help me start this campaign. Thank you Stephanie for allowing me to share some of my favourite mages from you session.  I am a jeans and t-shirt girl my self so I can totally appreciate your ideas of what sexy looks like!

Q.  What is Boudoir Photography to you?

A. “To me, beauty is showing what you have on the inside, out. Nothing is more beautiful than a genuine smile on a confident woman. We have been told by society for generations that we are to be “delicate flowers, that are seen and not heard” however, we have so much more to give this world than our looks. We are capable of comforting those in pain, showing great strength in the face of adversity, living through the pain of giving life, and walking selflessly through life for those we love most. Boudoir photography isn’t about being sexy, it is about being empowered.”

Q. I feel most sexy when…?

A. “I feel most sexy when I’m coming home from the gym. I’m sweaty. I probably smell. But lifting weights gives me such a rush of confidence. It empowers me as a woman to know I am strong, inside and out, and to me that is sexy…My style is feminine, but sporty. I don’t wear power suits, I wear nice dresses, skirts, and pants. I also just feel great when I wear sweats and sports bras.”
Q. Why do you want to be photographed?

A. “I want to be photographed because I had my son less than a year ago and I would like to commemorate the level of accomplishment I feel about this year. I graduated university with my BBA. I was offered two positions with international accounting firms. I trained for my first bikini comp. I became a better mother this year to my two children, a better wife to my husband, and a much better friend and contributor to society because I chose to believe in myself. It was a year of great accomplishment and change, and I want to remember it.”

Q. What makes you special?

A.“I am a very driven, determined person. I set goals, and aim to crush them. Some I do, some I alter, and some I let go of completely. I’m realistic. I am human. But what makes me unique is I try to do it all with a smile on my face. It is far too easy to wake up and ask the Lord “why me?” but I choose to ask “what can I do to improve upon this?” I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a friend. I am a professional. None of these words, however describe exactly who I am. I would like to say I am a leader. I am a clown with my family. I am a cheerleader for my friends. I am a strong individual, and a role model for my daughter. I am me, and that is who I want to be.”

Ready to celebrate your self? Want to participate in our campaign? Click on the contract tab and book your session!

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