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Sarah (Re-defining Boudoir)

Meet Sarah, she is an amazing wife and mother to two beautiful lovely girls. Both girls are under the age of 3 but already poses so much grace, beauty and kindness. After spending a short time with their momma any one can see where they get it from. Sarah you are such a genuinely beautiful…

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Re-defining Boudoir Campaign

2015 marked some really exciting changes and growth for my photography business and as some of you may have noticed this has kept me away from my boudoir page. But I have used the break to do a little research and identify opportunities for me to serve my clients even better. Let me start by…

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Stephanie (Re-defining Boudoir)

Stephanie is helping my kickstart my “Redefine Boudoir” campaign. She is married with 2 beautiful children (1 and 3 years old,) and is currently in training for her first figure competition. It is so clear when you talk with her that she is such an intelligent and independent young woman…I couldn’t think of any one…

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What To Wear Wednesday: Little Black Dress

It’s a little early this week but with my trip to Seattle to be on CreativeLive and photo shoots, I won’t have time for the blog. So here’s your “what to wear Wednesday” on a Monday So I’m out shopping yesterday…as I so often do, drifting through the boutique stores and dreaming of an unlimited…

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