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What To Wear Wednesday: Little Black Dress

It’s a little early this week but with my trip to Seattle to be on CreativeLive and photo shoots, I won’t have time for the blog. So here’s your “what to wear Wednesday” on a Monday:)

So I’m out shopping yesterday…as I so often do, drifting through the boutique stores and dreaming of an unlimited credit card when I see this dress hanging in Bebe. I had to pic my jaw up off the floor. Oh how I would love to photograph this in one of my sessions or even wear it myself;). Because if you are anything like me and I know a lot of you are, then the thought of bearing your midriff  in lingerie in front of the camera is terrifying. So what a fabulous way to have the wow factor of  a lingerie look while being perfectly covered up in a little black dress…and if you were like me, than you might just slip on a little black cardigan over top and go have dinner with some one special after you session! At 129.99  I think its a steal, but if thats still not in the budget think about all the other black lace dresses on the market right now for under 50.00 that you could rock in a boudoir session and totally wear after. You Pair a dress like this with a stocking and garter set and some statement pumps…simple and sexy!


Peaking Into The Boudoir

This is one of my favourite shots! I was inspired by the incredible Sue Bryce in her series of images done in Paris where her subject was shot through the reflections of the incredible city in the window. My city may not be as romantic but after some serious balcony balancing I got a few shots of this gorgeous girl that make me melt.

B e c o m e   a   f a n
S t a y   u p   t o   d a t e
T e s t i m o n i a l s