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Re-defining Boudoir Campaign

2015 marked some really exciting changes and growth for my photography business and as some of you may have noticed this has kept me away from my boudoir page. But I have used the break to do a little research and identify opportunities for me to serve my clients even better.

Let me start by saying, I absolutely LOVE photographing women! Wether it is as a beautiful Bride on her wedding day, a glowing momma to be during a maternity session or just a mom who wants the opportunity to get dolled up and celebrate her self with a beautiful portrait session. I know when I photograph a woman I am going to show her something special about herself and I’m confident in saying that I will take the best portrait of her that she has ever seen. This has nothing to do with the clothes she brings in or the hair styling and make-up. Make-up is just a way to make her feel more at ease and confident so her true light shines. Confidence, grace and femininity are Sexy! And you don’t need to wear lingerie or to pose in a way that is suggestive to bring out these qualities. So why are so many women scared to be photographed!

I believe that the problem lies in that fact that most boudoir photography does not represent the average women’s ideas of what sexy is. That most of my clients think they need to take photo’s for their partner instead taking the opportunity to celebrate them selves and what makes them beautiful.

I hear comments like “I want to do a photo shoot but I still need to loose weight first” or “I could never do a boudoir shoot, I’m so uncomfortable in lingerie” and the worst is “I am just not sexy!” Have I left you all with the impression that you need to look a certain way  to deserve beautiful photos of your self? Or that being sexy means you have to dress in a way that makes you uncomfortable? I personally consider my self to be a modest person but that doesn’t mean I can’t be sexy…and it’s pretty clear I aint no size 2 but I can still rock a photo shoot. I have an idea to change all of this. I want to re-define the genre of boudoir photography. I want to change our ideas of what it means to be sexy. I hope you will all join my in the campaign to “Re-define Boudoir.”

Over the next few months I am going to feature some of the women participating in my campaign on my blog and social media. I hope they can help inspire you embrace your own version of sexy and maybe even book that photo shoot you have always wanted to do!

Use the #redefineboudoir to share  your version of sexy.

One of my favourite portraits of my self, taken by my friend in my studio. I love it because when I look at I see a woman that is strong, confident and beautiful.


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