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Re-defining Boudoir Photography: Alix

As I have been developing this project I have found it has started a bit of a journey for me as well. I keep talking about body love but some days I really don’t feel any for my self (don’t we all!) But as this beautiful woman stepped into my studio and shared me some of the fiercest confidence I have seen yet, it made me think where is all my confidence? Alix is smart, accomplished, an insanely sexy burlesque dancer and she is not afraid to own it…and that was so inspiring! For days after this shoot I found myself thinking about all she said and you know what? It rubbed off on me. I found my self loving my flaws not trying to love in spite of my flaws. Thank you Alix for your empowering words you are sharing with us, and for reminding me what a confident woman looks like so I can continue to bring it out in my clients!


What is boudoir photography to you?

Boudoir photography doesn’t have to fit any specific mold. It’s the chance to be your own brand of sexy. For me, that meant getting photos of myself that exuded the confidence and body positivity that I feel are core to my identity. Really, it’s all about feeling sexy, and whatever that means to each individual person.

When do you feel most sexy?

For me, feeling sexy is more a state of mind that a particular outfit. While I love to get dolled up, and I love lacy lingerie, being naked with a positive attitude is when I feel best. There is something about being naked that just makes me feel great. I suppose it’s not for everyone, but if I could just always be naked, that would be the dream! I also love to dance and perform burlesque, so I feel really sexy when I’m shaking my thing in nothing but pasties and panties.

Why did you want to be photographed?

I wanted to be photographed because I love myself and my body, and wanted to celebrate that. I think that sometimes women whose bodies may be outside the narrow view of traditional beauty feel like they don’t have the right to feel sexy, and I want to help change that attitude. Sometimes it’s hard to love every part of yourself, every single day, but these photos are a visible reminder that I am sexy, smart, confident, and worthy.  I also wanted to challenge the idea that loving your body, and not being embarrassed about showing it to the world, somehow makes me less serious or focused. The fact that I don’t care if other people see me naked shouldn’t take away from what I have achieved academically, professionally, or personally.

What makes you unique?

I think what makes me unique is my strong sense of self, and my lack of inhibition around sharing my opinions. A lot of women my age struggle to please everyone, and sometimes lose their sense of self along the way. My identity as a woman, a friend, and a feminist, are all pretty obvious to everyone I meet. I also like to think I have a knack for lifting up and empowering others. Nothing gives me more joy than to see other people feeling good and confident with themselves and their bodies, and I hope that the ease with which I love and display my body, lumps and all, might help others to do the same.

 How would you describe your style?My style is pretty versatile. I love getting dressed up and trying out new styles, but I am also a fan of being comfortable, and sometimes that means leggings and a t shirt. I am especially a fan of classic 50s and early 60s style: high waisted skirts, dresses that give you a nice hourglass shape, red lips, big hair. Normally, I just wear whatever fits my mood of the day, and try not to worry too much about what other people will think of it.


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