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Stephanie (Re-defining Boudoir)

Stephanie is helping my kickstart my “Redefine Boudoir” campaign. She is married with 2 beautiful children (1 and 3 years old,) and is currently in training for her first figure competition. It is so clear when you talk with her that she is such an intelligent and independent young woman…I couldn’t think of any one better to help me start this campaign. Thank you Stephanie for allowing me to share some of my favourite mages from you session.  I am a jeans and t-shirt girl my self so I can totally appreciate your ideas of what sexy looks like!

Q.  What is Boudoir Photography to you?

A. “To me, beauty is showing what you have on the inside, out. Nothing is more beautiful than a genuine smile on a confident woman. We have been told by society for generations that we are to be “delicate flowers, that are seen and not heard” however, we have so much more to give this world than our looks. We are capable of comforting those in pain, showing great strength in the face of adversity, living through the pain of giving life, and walking selflessly through life for those we love most. Boudoir photography isn’t about being sexy, it is about being empowered.”

Q. I feel most sexy when…?

A. “I feel most sexy when I’m coming home from the gym. I’m sweaty. I probably smell. But lifting weights gives me such a rush of confidence. It empowers me as a woman to know I am strong, inside and out, and to me that is sexy…My style is feminine, but sporty. I don’t wear power suits, I wear nice dresses, skirts, and pants. I also just feel great when I wear sweats and sports bras.”
Q. Why do you want to be photographed?

A. “I want to be photographed because I had my son less than a year ago and I would like to commemorate the level of accomplishment I feel about this year. I graduated university with my BBA. I was offered two positions with international accounting firms. I trained for my first bikini comp. I became a better mother this year to my two children, a better wife to my husband, and a much better friend and contributor to society because I chose to believe in myself. It was a year of great accomplishment and change, and I want to remember it.”

Q. What makes you special?

A.“I am a very driven, determined person. I set goals, and aim to crush them. Some I do, some I alter, and some I let go of completely. I’m realistic. I am human. But what makes me unique is I try to do it all with a smile on my face. It is far too easy to wake up and ask the Lord “why me?” but I choose to ask “what can I do to improve upon this?” I am a mother. I am a wife. I am a friend. I am a professional. None of these words, however describe exactly who I am. I would like to say I am a leader. I am a clown with my family. I am a cheerleader for my friends. I am a strong individual, and a role model for my daughter. I am me, and that is who I want to be.”

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