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4 months to a year

Cake Smash Session: Iona

Cake smash session, do you love them or hate em? Some people think they are a wonderful and festive way to celebrate your babies 1st birthday…some people think they are a waste of perfectly good cake! I my self love smash sessions! I think there are very few times we let our kids be 100% messy […]

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Edmonton Newborn session: Kayden

This gorgeous little boy surprised me by arriving a few weeks early but of course was absolutely perfect! What a treat it was to spend hours in my studio cuddling and enjoying every sweet smile  I’m so honoured that Kayden’s parents chose me to help them celebrate the arrival of their newborn son. Here are […]

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Introducing ‘Frankie’

As much as I enjoy the controlled atmosphere of my studio, I also love the opportunities I have had these past few weeks to photograph babies at home with their families! It gives me a unique look at those precious first few weeks with baby and even allows me to get the fur family members […]

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Happy Birthday Mr. M!

This little guy’s Momma got a hold of me last minuet in desperate need of a photo shoot to celebrate his 1st birthday! I think the 1st birthday is such an important milestone, and its amazing to compare your newborn photo shoot to the 1st year photo’s to see how much they have changed! So […]

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