Dan & Angela | Married!

Ok, I know I am seriously behind in blogging! But since giving birth to my sweet little daughter I have been finding it easier and easier to ditch the blogging in lieu of Baby snuggles (can you blame me?) But Dan & Angela’s wedding simply must be shared! It was so delightful in every way. Maybe I’m biased because of my personal style but the home made food and vintage country style was so warm and welcoming. Angela managed to pull off delicate styling with the rugged and rustic backdrop of the couples beloved farm home. After the wedding we snuck away to a private lagoon and waterfalls in Kamloops back country. The only thing more beautiful than this sight was this couple standing underneath it, so in LOVE.

ad-28ad-36ad-60ad-65ad-99ad-129ad-154ad-156ad-166lad-256ad-271ad-262ad-382ad-411ad-416ad-409ad-273Want to see even more of this wedding? Watch the wedding day slideshow here: ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmimPhvbcNg


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